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About us
Our solutions are designed to create a flexible infrastructure to accommodate the needs of our customers.

About us

Beaufort Solutions Inc. is a Canadian-based world-class provider of software solutions located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Beaufort’s mission is to provide customers around the globe with easy to use software solutions that enable them to deliver high quality digital solutions.
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Beaufort is a company with focus and momentum driven by an experienced, highly skilled team. Time and time again, our technology has been proven in the marketplace. We use our industry experience coupled with our technical prowess to anticipate and deliver superior products and services well before our competitors. Our goal stays simple:

“ to deliver innovative and best-in-class digital imaging software to our customers”

Todd Hiscock

CEO- Beaufort Solutions Inc.


Beaufort’s processes are strategically focused on the use of digital media applications to improve the customer experience, and ultimately to drive sales.  We sell our customizable digital imaging products to customers who seek high quality self-service gifting solutions.


Beaufort technologies and solutions enable, drive and support the transformation of digital media into high margin gifting merchandise. Beaufort continues to provide best in-class products and services that ensure a positive experience for our customers and exceptional management and reporting for our clients.
  • Web Solution

    Our customizable Web Solution combines our HTML5 framework with a responsive design, e-commerce ready platforms and robust promo engines.
  • Mobile Solution

    Mobile applications operate alongside our web solutions providing a unique and responsive experience.
  • Kiosk Solution

    Create hundreds of customizable high margin products with little to no staff involvement.
  • Solution Management Software

    Query specific customer and store order data, customize and run reports, manage promos along with many other adjusting features.




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Beaufort Solutions Inc. 1 Church Hill, Suite 201, St. John's, NL A1C 3Z7

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